Workshop Baltische muziek

Onze uitvoering van het Estse lied Muusika in Jorwert was een groot succes! En smaakt naar meer. Dekoor gaat daarom met de Litouwse koordirigente Sigita Žurauskaitė een dag lang dieper in op deze vaak verstilde en pure muziek uit de Baltische staten. En ook op de koormuziekcultuur die zo belangrijk was en is in deze landen, die van 1940 tot 1991 door de Sovjet Unie waren ingelijfd. Voor wie zich een beeld wil vormen van de geschiedenis en de (muziekcultuur van de landen is het boek Baltische zielen van Jan Brokken een echte aanrader.

De workshop is helaas niet openbaar toegankelijk.

Sigita Žurauskaitė (1990) is a choir conductor from Litouwen – a country that has very deep and rich choir singing traditions. From the age of 9, Sigita has been part of a choir community. Whilst studying a Bachelor in Music Education, her main instrument was choir conducting. Sigita also had piano and singing lessons. After finishing this Bachelor in 2013, she simultaneously finished a Bachelor in political science and worked in music school as an accompanist for a dance department. In 2014 Sigita started studying the Master of Music program “New Audiences and Innovative Practice” (NAIP) at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, the Netherlands. Her main focus in her master studies was the international promotion of traditional Lithuanian music. This led her to establish the “International Vocal Quartet”, a project that encouraged her to write vocal music compositions based on Lithuanian folk songs. In 2016 Sigita graduated from the Master of Music, since then she is working with different types of choirs in the area of Groningen. In 2018 she founded a new choir that will perform Baltic choir music. Sigita offers various vocal based workshop for choirs, organizations, and other singing enthusiasts. Next to this she is a singer herself and plays the piano regularly. Sigita composes and arranges music on commission and on her own initiative.